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BDG Method of Operating - New book

Messagepar Eric le Diemerophile le Ven Sep 16, 2011 9:30 pm


I am writing to alert you that an English book on the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit is now available.

To order, it's here : ... =eric+jego

To see the translation process, it's here : ... ocess.html

The characteristics of the book :

Gambit Blackmar-Diemer, Modus Operandi - ISBN 978-2-9536013-1-2
164 pages.
Price : 20 euros
English written

At first, the French edition, whose that translation is issued, is the ideal complement to the only book in French dealing with the subject.

Then he is organized as Purser's book. with a preface of Dany Sénéchaud.
You don't find in mine any games of the other books !
Every games have never been see in any BDG book.

- a big part concerns transpositions from classical openings. Often blackside doesn't know they encounter a transposing BDG. Ex : Kasparov played it !

- a big part concerns recent games from last decade where blackside is better prepared and games are not miniatures at all . I prefered watch games with no blunder if possible.

28 defences are evoked in detail (with statistics and number of games)
287 games are all decorticated
227 diagrams are shown
Very few varations from computer are inserted because I prefered explain what we see (planification).
And a specific item of mine "the elementary principles of the BDG"

You will also find elements recommended by Tim Sawyer, Rick Kennedy and some of you.

I specialized myself 3 years ago on BDG. And I read others books like Sawyer, Purser, Sénéchaud, Schiller, Smith, Zilbertmints, Lane, Crayton, Smith/Hall, Diemer... to be sure of mine. And I test this opening each time I can on tournament and inter-cercles.

You liked schherer's book printed few weeks ago, don't be afraid, you won't find the same adventure. Mine is specific to "strategy" !

Last but not the least, please note that 2012 will be the end of my job as a writer and as a seller, so If you are interested be carefull because, afterward, my books will no longer be for sales.

I hope some of you will discover an interest in this book.

Please tell your friends who might be interested!

Thank you in advance,


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